Sunday, June 21, 2015

Box Office Report: Inside Out : Opening weekend results and outlook going forward

Box Office:
Early Box Office estimates show Pixar's Inside Out coming in 2nd at the Box Office this weekend behind the Juggernaut that is Jurassic World making it the first Pixar movie not to debut at number #1.    That being said it is far from being a disappoint,  in fact it's opening weekend is the 2nd largest weekend ever for a Pixar movie --behind only Toy Story 3 and biggest for a non sequel.   It is estimated to make around  84 to 89 Million in it's opening weekend according to Box Office Mojo.   (see link below)

It is currently getting a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is getting great reviews from critics.   Pixar has been the best at these high concept type movies and has apparently knocked it out of the park again with this movie.  I will probably see next weekend when the kids are home and have my own review at that point.

The concept:
 The concept behind the movie isn't as original as some people are saying since it is the same basic concept as the TV show Herman's Head from the early 1990's and Disney's own  1943 Anti -Nazi propaganda film"Reason and Emotion" which  co-Director Pete Doctor sited as an influence.  Epcot even head an attraction in the Wonders of Life Pavillion called Cranium Command which covered some of the same ground, but  Pixar has a way of taking a great concept and making it even better and filling it with emotion which seems to be the thing that is connecting with audiences. 

Outlook going forward:
I wouldn't be surprised if this movie continued to rack up big box office numbers for weeks to come.  It has no real competition for the family audience at the box office until Minions comes out on July 10th,  which means it will probably still be bringing in large numbers over the 4th of July Holiday

Here is the Trailer for the Film

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