Friday, June 26, 2015

Rebels Season 2 Premiere on Disney XD: A Game Changer (spoilers)

Season 1 of Rebels seemed smaller to me than the Clone Wars.  The animation style was a little different (a little simpler).  The show felt less epic and the adventures were on a lot smaller scale as they followed the isolated story of the Rebel Crew.  I missed the Clone Wars.   I liked Rebels –but wasn’t in love with it yet.   That being said Season 1 had some really good stuff and ended on an extremely high note that opened the series up to a much larger story.   I think the creators of the show did an excellent job of giving us the time to learn about these characters before plunging them and us into a larger galactic story. 

I was at Star Wars Celebration and wanted to see the Season 2 premiere and Rebels panels–but it filled up hours in advance so I only got to see the Trailer at the Closing ceremonies.   The Trailer had me totally excited and I couldn’t wait to actually see the premiere on Disney XD this week.   The premiere episode was a game changer.  The series is now full on Star Wars.  I was so happy with this premiere episode that I almost thought “I really don’t care about The Force Awakens –if I can continue to get Star Wars this good every week”.    I know blasphemy –but some of the scenes with Vader were visually perfect.    Why can’t we just get the Vader comic as a series?   I know that Season 2 will not be this good on a weekly basis –but if we get moments half as good as this premiere—Rebels will be my favorite show on TV (Sorry Walking Dead)

The Best Parts  (Spoilers)
This episode had several Series defining moments: 
1. The scene with Vader lifting the fallen AT Walkers with the flames in the background was amazing.   It felt like he was just toying with Kanan and Ezra and that there is no way either of them should survive.  
2. The scenes with him in his Tie Fighter taking out Rebels were fantastic.   
3. The moment when Ahsoka and Kanan are reaching out to Vader and the force washes over Ahsoka and Vader at the same time.   Vader knows his old apprentice is still alive and his focus changes.  We aren’t sure what Ahsoka knows—but she may have a clue.     
4. Then Vader talks with the Emperor and discusses this and brings up Obi Wan.    

The possibilities of where this story will go are endless and exciting.   We will probably see Ahsoka and Vader square off at some point.   Will Vader kill her?   Will we get to see Obi Wan in action again.    I can’t wait until the next episode---I’m just as excited now for Season 2 as I am for the new movie.  Especially since I get to see so much more of it.

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