Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Disney Attraction Review: Test Track

I remember the last time I had visited Epcot over 10 years ago and the thing I was most excited to see was Mission Space.   It was the newest ride and therefore at the top of my to do list.  Well Test Track ended up being my surprise favorite ride from that trip. (Mission Space just made me have to sit down for a while to pick my stomach off the ground) .  So this trip Test Track was on my radar and we were equipped with a Fastpass to avoid the long lines.   Test Track has been through a refurbishment since my last trip so had a new fresh look to replace the old Test Dummy theme from before.

The inside portion of the ride feels and looks like it was meant to be a Tron Themed ride.
  I think that is what they may have wanted to do Tron –but instead stayed with a theme that was in line with their sponsor.  The ride has pretty much the same theme as before with you taking a car on a test drive to see how it handles all the elements and situations a car will have to deal with. The new look and interactive elements make it even better than was before.

The dark ride portion is fun and the high speed racing through banked turns finish is a blast.   I can imagine how much better it would have been with a total Tron makeover and the sounds of Daft Punk playing during your ride  The mega-hit Radiator Springs Racers in DCA’s Carsland is based on Test Track which is such a good ride system.  Test Track is definitely the highlight ride currently at Epcot and the additions they added during its refurbishment have made it even better.   Test Track is one of the attractions that Disney has made better with the addition of an interactive line that adds to the ride and even after the ride.  You get to virtually design your own car before you ride and then the ride gives your design scores throughout the attraction.  The kids could have spent a half an hour just designing their cars. Here were their designs in progress:

 The kids loved the competitive aspect of the attraction and then after the ride there was a whole section with interactive experiences. The kids could make a commercial featuring the car they had designed and race it in a game.  The fun was endless—we literally had to drag the kids out of there in order to do more stuff. Below is a picture of the game where you could race your design.

I’d say that this ride got the approval of the entire family from start to finish line.  It is an E Ticket in the traditional sense and definitely the  best ride currently at Epcot.   A 10 out of 10  --With a Tron theme it would be an 11 out of 10.

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