Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Shopping Disney: The Adventure Outpost: Indy merchandise

Other than Disney and Star Wars the other thing I'm the biggest fan of is Indiana Jones.   Raiders of the Lost Ark is my favorite movie of all-time and the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland is hands down one of my favorite rides.  So even though it hasn't changed in 20 years I had to take the family to the Indiana Jones Stunt Show when we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  

Once we finished the ride I had to check out the Adventure Outpost to see if they had any new Indy merchandise.

Here is a glimpse at the Indy merchandise that they had at Disney's Hollywood Studios

I still wish they would come out with a Goofy Indy... Because that would be amazing.   Mickey Indy is pretty cool though

I love that they carry some of the books in Orlando.  Being a huge Indy fan I read them all years ago and would recommend them to any Indy fan.   They don't stock these at Disneyland --I wish they would and I wish some new ones would come out as well.

I especially loved the look of this shirt.

Let's hope that now that Disney owns Lucasfilm that more Indy will be on the way sometime soon.

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