Friday, April 17, 2015

Ultimate Epcot: If money was no object --What would you add to Epcot: Part 1 Canada

Epcot was one of my favorite parts of our trip to Disneyworld ---but many of its attractions are feeling old and outdated (Universe of Energy --i'm talking to you)  and with Captain EO closing and the classic Norway ride making way for Frozen---it got me thinking.  What would I change at Epcot if money was no object?

 I thought this would be a fun little interactive new weekly blog where I will post my thoughts and then ask what you would like to see  "If money was no object"  Think big....Like Carsland or Harry Potter big.   I figured I would start with Canada and tell you what I would add "If money was no object".   Some of my ideas you may love----others you may absolutely hate.....  Feel free to chime in with ideas of your own and each weeks topic.

Okay so let's start with Canada.  I really wish I was an artist so that I could draw my ideas as well, but alas it wasn't meant to be.  I came up with an idea years ago for an entire Star Wars theme park that I envisioned out in Las Vegas---before Disney took over that I really wish I could just visit. Sorry I'm drifting off the subject.

Oh Yeah Canada.  Sorry Ehh!

Canada was simple.   The only Disney Property that screams Canada is Brother Bear and more specifically the two Moose characters that were voiced by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas of SCTV fame.    Basically reprising their roles as Bob and Doug Mackenzie if they were a couple of Moose

Nothing says Canada more than SCTV and the Mackenzie Brothers (other than Hockey that is you hosers)

"So if money was no object"  I would build a version of Grizzly River Run themed to Brother Bear.  It would heavily feature the Moose characters from the movie.   Imagine if the two Moose opened a Rafting company in the Great White North?   

Grizzly River Run is a great ride and would be a welcome addition to Epcot and the often overheated Florida.   How cool would it be to have a giant mountain behind the Canada Pavilion.  The ride would be basically the same as the one in DCA.  I would make the ride longer and add an indoor dark ride section.   Think a water ride designed like Radiator Springs Racers--where it would have some rapids --then a indoor section with Animatronics characters (like Splash Mountain) and then end with the big spinning drop featured in the California version.

Here is a blog I did about Grizzly River Run ride back in 2007 for more pictures from Grizzly River Run.

What do you think?    
What would you put in Canada to plus or add to it "If money was no object"?

Next Week I will Share my Ideas for England.....(It is going to be really expensive and somewhat controversial

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