Saturday, April 4, 2015

Seven Dwarves Mine Train: Magic Kingdom Family Attraction Review 10 out of 10

As one of the newest Attractions in Walt Disneyworld  (Magic Kingdom to be exact) is the Seven Dwarves Mine Train.  The ride was at the top of our list of rides to go on.  By the time we bought our tickets for our trip all of the fast passes for this ride were gone already (oh well).   We knew we were going to have to just tough it out and wait in the super  long standby line .  But it was well worth it as the Seven Dwarves Mine Train was a nearly perfect Family Attraction.

Like Radiator Springs Racers in California this ride was able to find the perfect mix of fun for the entire family.  With fast  rollercoaster sections the adults and teens and slower sections that the little kids will be entertained by as you get a glimpse the  amazing animatronic Dwarves inside the diamond mines.  After another fast section once you leave the mines the finally always letting you see Snow White and the Dwarves dancing in her cottage as the evil queen lurks outside their door.

The  long line weaves through trees and cottages as you work your way towards the mines.  The look and design of this  line and ride is fantastic and the interactive elements once inside will keep the kids entertained during this long wait.   In fact it will be heard to drag the little ones past this section of the line.

My stepdaughter who just turned 9 during our trip isn't a big rollercoaster fan yet (Hopefully she will get over that soon).  She was nervous to go on the ride -but ended up loving it and it ended up being my wife's favorite ride of the day as well.  It is like a  tamer version of Big Thunder Railroad --but that the additional dark ride elements made it more entertaining for the whole family.  I love rollercoasters big and small and so Everest was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me -- but Seven Dwarves Mine Train was the ride that the whole family was able to truly enjoy. 
 A great family ride and a great ride to introduce younger kids that are just getting a little more daring to the world of coasters.

Just be careful making the transition from Seven Dwarves to Rockin Rollercoaster (that didn't go over as well).

Check back soon for more Attraction Reviews from both Disneyworld and Disneyland.

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