Sunday, April 26, 2015

Exploring World Showcase at Epcot: Part 3 France

Up next on our tour around the World Showcase is France.

Visiting France is one of the reasons we decided to start in Canada instead of the Mexico side of World Showcase.    France was definitely at the top of our list --because we have a whole history with the Eiffel Tower  (even though we have never been to the real one).   One of our first romantic dinners that me and my wife had was in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Las Vegas and every time we would see an Eiffel Tower while somewhere we would think of it as a sign. 

I proposed to my wife it was on her birthday after a dinner at the Bellagio, when I took her up to the the top of the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower and proposed  --so we were excited to see the French Pavilion and visit another version of it.

Here is the approach view to France when you leave England.

There is the Tower in the Background. 

Since our visit happened during the Flower and Garden Festival  there were several character topiaries including Cinderella

I love the look of these signs which are also a main feature in the Las Vegas version of Paris.

 Here is my stepdaughter posing with the Beast and Belle

The Beast
France features numerous shops that carry French goods and many Eiffel Tower items.   We really needed at least 2 days for Epcot,  but since we were doing 4 parks in 4 days,  with my step daughter's Cheer competition at the end of the trip we didn't have that extra time -so we really had to pick and choose which things we really got to immerse ourselves in.    My wife took the kids shopping and then to get some pastries at Les Halles Boulangeris Patisserie.

My mission was to try the Chocolate Ice Cream Martini that I had seen online on a Disney blog awhile back.  This can be found at the  L'Artisan des Glaces artisan ice cream and sorbet shop.

Mission accomplished and boy was it good even as it melted in the sun.

We skipped out on the "Impression de France film -as we were trying to see as many countries as possible before our dinner reservations and had mistakenly wasted about an hour of time in Universe of Energy (I'll save my thoughts on that for a different blog).    I've seen the "Impression de France" before and it is a quality film that takes you on a scenic journey of France that shows you cool images from all over the country.   My wife didn't seem interested with our time crunch and the kids in tow --but I will take her there next time (I'm just afraid that once she does see it she will be booking our trip to the actual Eiffel Tower.)

There was another place we definitely would have stopped and spent some time at without the kids --which was the Les Vins de France Wine Shop and Tasting Room --where you could sample Champagne and buy French Wines.

I'm already making my list of things to do the next time in the France Pavilion.   We would love to dine at Chefs de France or the upscale Monsieur Paul.

To sum it up we loved our brief trip to France in World Showcase.  I can't wait to go back and spend even more time in France on our next trip.     I'll discuss some of my ideas for how to make France even better in my series of blogs called Ultimate Epcot if money was no object (which so far I've discussed Canada).

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