Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Disney Vacation Tip #3 : Don't be too much of a Clark Griswald

This weeks Disney Vacation Tip:

Don't be too much of a Clark Griswald.
Disneyworld has created an environment that is setup for the Clark Griswald's of the world.  When you go to Disneyworld you can plan your Fastpasses several months in advance online.   
And you better make your dinner reservations ahead of time or good luck getting a table at that restaurant you really want to go to.
We stopped by the Polynesian and without reservations it was pretty much quick service only for us.
Disneyland hasn't completely embraced this type of over planning yet , but I'm sure it is coming soon.

The problem with this is that it can feed into the already over planning OCD vacation goers.  Having your entire vacation planned to specific hours of the day can become more of a burden and therefore less enjoyable and make you feel like you have a gun to your head trying to stay on schedule.   

No time to stop for pictures at the Grand Canyon kids --we need to get to the world's second biggest ball of mud by 2:30pm before our Fastpass runs out.  

I'm an over planner myself and a Disneyland Passholder so I fell right into this trap.   Just like my previous advice of taking a day at the Pool --it is okay not to have to be at the park the second it opens.   That was a hard lesson to learn.  My OCD was kicking into overdrive and I was up at around 6:30 in the morning and ready to go.   I was waiting for people to wake up.  After all being a Passholder I know that the best time to get some of the big attractions in is early in the morning.  I've gone to Disneyland at opening on a Sunday morning and been able to get about 6 to 7 attractions in before the crowds and hr long queues start to happen.  The rest of the family wanted to sleep in???  We are on vacation after all.  It was a hard concept for me to grasp.  We are wasting good park time I thought.   Hell this is no longer a vacation.  It's a Quest. It's a quest for fun.

So my tip for this week is too leave the Clark Griswald that is wanting to exert itself at home and relax and enjoy your vacation. Despite Disneyworld's system that feeds into the over planner and OCD people of the world like myself.   Take it easy...  So what if you miss the world's biggest ball of mud.   (You can see that next time).  Your family doesn't need to be whistling Zip Dee Da Doo Dah out their you know what's .  Don't be such a Clark Griswald and maybe your family will have a better time.

Until next time.....See you all at Wally World  (I mean Disneyworld and Disneyland)

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