Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Disneyland vs Disneyworld: Battle of Haunted Mansions . Which one is Better?

On our recent trip to Disney World we focused on rides that were unique to Magic Kingdom first over rides that are in both parks.   Being a Disneyland passholder I'm partial to Disneyland over the Magic Kingdom in general since it has more stuff in it and several great rides that Magic Kingdom doesn't have.  

 I thought it would be fun to compare some of the rides that are in both parks as well as some of the other rides that are shared on both coasts, but in different parks.

In our first battle: The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland  (seen below)
is the original Mansion and is an absolute classic.  It looks like a Colonial Mansion and fits perfectly in New Orleans square at Disneyland where it overlooks the Rivers of America.

The Mansion at the Magic Kingdom has its own unique look and makes its home in Liberty Square along the banks of that parks river.

(Picture courtesy of BlonePixals Photography --my wife's photography page)

Best looking Mansion:  Disneyland wins this fight for me.  I love look of the original Mansion  which is so stylish and spooky.  The Magic Kingdom Mansion looks cool --but for some reason the walk up the the steps of the Colonial mansion is more foreboding.

Best line:  Hands down the best line has to go to the Magic Kingdom.  It's interactive queue makes Disneyland's queue seem extremely dull.  I wish they would add some of the elements from the Magic Kingdom Queue to Disneyland.  If you missed my blog about the queue --click the link below.


The Ride itself:  Reluctantly I would have to say the Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion is a better ride.  The new and improved Hitchhiking ghost effects are far beyond anything in the Disneyland version and the ride has some other cool additions like the portrait room with numerous portraits, The Escher staircase is really cool and the statues with the eyes that follow you is also more entertaining in this version.

(Picture courtesy of BlonePixals Photography --my wife's photography page)

And the Winner Is :   (Wait a minute I forgot something)
Oh Yea -Holiday Haunted Mansion..... For several months a year the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland transforms into Holiday Haunted Mansion  featuring Jack Skellington and friends as they take over the Mansion--so it is basically 2 rides --both equally cool.
So even though the Magic Kingdom has a better line and a better ride --the fact that Disneyland's Mansion is actually 2 E Ticket attractions makes Disneyland the Winner for in my book.

Which Mansion do you like better?????

Tune in next week for the Battle of Star Tours.  Disneyland vs Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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