Thursday, April 30, 2015

Disneyland vs Disneyworld: Battle of Star Tours . Which one is Better?

Unlike our first battle between the Haunted Mansions –this battle isn’t much of a battle.
Battle # 2.  The Battle of Star Tours
The Ride

Star Tours at Disneyland and the Star Tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios are the same exact ride.  Of course you couldn’t just go on Star Tours in Orlando once and go on Star Tours in Disneyland once and know that. The Brilliance of the updated Star Tours is that you can literally have a different experience every time.   With multiple destinations randomly selected each time you ride the ride presents you with adventure after adventure, especially if you are a casual park visitor.   Even if you are a Star Wars fan and annual  pass holder like myself and have seen all the planets— The different combinations makes you come back over and over again.
 Winner: Tie

The Line:
Here is where we have a clear winner.   Being a Disneyland Pass holder –I’m biased towards Disneyland in many of these battles.   But Disney’s Hollywood Studios –wins hands down in this case.  In Disneyland we just walk into a building.
 In Orlando they have an AT-AT and a Ewok Village. 
 In Disneyland we have a store.
 In Orlando they have a store that looks like something from  Tatooine  
 And Orlando also has a speeder bike photo op.  
Disneyland has no photo op.

The Winner:  Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
What do you think?

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