Thursday, April 2, 2015

Exploring World Showcase at Epcot: Part 1 Canada

As I get older (even though I remain a kid at heart) I've found myself loving World Showcase more and more with each visit.
On our recent trip we did 4 parks in 4 days I knew we were going to be rushed at Epcot and not get to explore it fully.  I could literally spend all day there just exploring the many unique countries in World Showcase.   I told my wife that ideally if we come back again that we should arrive a couple days ahead of the kids and spend a couple of days in this part of the park exploring World Showcase and soaking up everything (while sampling their foods and beverages).   In my few trips in the past I have always started on the Mexico side of World Showcase mainly because of the Norway ride.   Well the Norway ride is no more so this time I decided to take the family in their first trip the other way around so we could spend more time in Countries like England, France and Italy.  The first stop in this direction is Canada.

The Canada Pavilion features the attraction O 'Canada which is a great Circle-Vision 360 movie that takes you all over Canada with the comedy stylings of Martin Short.  We wife is not a big fan of Circle Vision so we skipped this on this trip --but I've seen it before and recommend it to anymore who wants to see some of the beauty of Canada  (and if we return I will force her to see it when we aren't as rushed. )  

Canada also features a restaurant called Le Cellier Steakhouse which has the ambiance of a Wine Cellar and features Steaks and Seafood and also features some Canadian Beers and Wines.  
Three of my four grandparents were Canadian so and I remember visiting  Western Canada as a small child and then again in 1986 when British Columbia hosted the World Expo (which World Showcase is basically a permanent version of.)   The Canadian pavilion really captures that part of the country.

The main store in Canada looks like a traditional Longhouse from the British Columbia area of Canada and carries an array of Canadian goods including Ice Wine.  I think Ice Wine is  something we will have to try next time we are in Epcot.

My Favorite part of the Canada Pavilion is the Totem Poles.
Being a huge Tiki fan the Totem Poles which are basically the Canadian Indian equivalent are fun to check out.  Here are a couple pictures of the Totems of Canada.

If all you know about Canada is Strange Brew, Beer and Hockey---you really should check this Pavilion out and learn a little more about this beautiful neighbor to the USA.  So check it out you hosers.

The Canadian Pavilion also features the Victoria Gardens which are patterned after Butchart Gardens which are in Victoria British Columbia.

Next Week we will make our second stop in England.

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