Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ultimate Epcot: If money was no object --What would you add to Epcot: Part 2 England

  What would I change at Epcot if money was no object?

 I thought this would be a fun little interactive new weekly blog where I will post my thoughts and then ask what you would like to see  "If money was no object"  Think big....Like Carsland or Harry Potter big.  Some of my ideas you may love----others you may absolutely hate.....  Feel free to chime in with ideas of your own and each weeks topic.

In part 1 we attacked Canada..  Now it is time to talk about what we could add to England.

The first obvious choice that everyone mentions is a Mary Poppins dark ride.   My personal take on this idea is probably just not practical from a ride efficiency or ride safety point of view --but it would make a great and interesting ride.

Think of a dark ride that takes you through all the cool scenes in the movie Mary Poppins --where the ride vehicles are carousel horses that bounce up and down along a track taking you along side by side tracks through the scenes.  

You would go through scenes like the tea party on the ceiling.

The Iconic Step in Time Dancing on the Rooftops scene.

The Penguin Waiters

And then the carousel horses on the two tracks would go through a race sequence through an animated forest that would end on the race track.

I know ....Despite the expense the ride vehicles would be impractical and safety would be a concern --unless a new type of safety restraint for the horses could be designed.   But wouldn't it be fun to have a slow moving carousel ride that then had a faster race like sequence.  It would be a dark ride variation of the old steeplechase rides for early theme parks.

Another England attraction could be a children's dark ride that takes you through the world of 101 Dalmatians.  A Mr. Toad's like car ride where you are driving through the English countryside and the streets of London trying to get away from Cruella and her henchmen.

The last big "if money was no object"  attraction would be a Alice in Wonderland area.   And not just a duplicate of the area at Disneyland with its children's dark ride and the teacups.

It would be a large E-Ticket attraction themed to the live action Alice which made over a billion dollars worldwide.  The entrance would be a giant Labyrinth  hedge Maze .  The main attraction which would be a Spiderma/ Harry Potter type ride through the Mad Mad world of Alice in Wonderland.

(Photo from a blog I did on Miceage from the Touring exhibit at Comic Con before the film came out)

Just imagine a wild out of control ride through the crazy  version of Alice's world Tim Burton created on film.  A sequel is already in the works so this would be a perfect addition to this area. 

(Photo from a blog I did on Miceage --from the Touring exhibit at Comic Con before the film came out)

What do you think?    

What would you put in England to plus or add to it "If money was no object"?

Next Week I will Share my Ideas for France.....(Thinking big here)

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