Sunday, May 31, 2015

The new Grizzly Peak Area: Retheming Condor Flats

Another thing we had to check out on our recent visit to Disneyland Resort was the re theming of Condor Flats which reopened just in time for Disneyland's 60th Anniversary.

  If you visited DCA when it first opened and compared it to today --you would see that almost all the areas have had some changes.   Carsland and Bug's Land and Tower of Terror didn't even exist.  Buena Vista street was a major change  and Paradise Pier went through a re theme awhile back as well.    Condor Flats is now gone and has been replaced with the extension of the Grizzly Peak area that originally included the Grizzly River Run and Redcreek Trial area.   Condor Flats was basically just Soaring and Test Pilot's Grill so the re theme basically just ties that area together.  Now it is a part of Grizzly Peak.

Here is the new entrance signage for the area.

Test Pilot's Grill used to look like this......

 Now it looks like  this and has a new name the Smokejumpers Grill.  Basically the same food --(with one big change that I will get to when I review the new restaurant).

Here is some of the new look at the restaurant.

Soaring the ride is the same --but the gone is the Jet engine mister that has been replaced by a Ranger tower and the ride has new signage as well

The Fly and Buy Store has now been re themed to one of my favorite lesser know Disney characters now has his name in the parks.   I hope he gets some merchandise as well.  Humphrey the Bear is a classic Disney character from several old Disney cartoon's that made a little comeback on the House of Mouse cartoon show.

Here is my Favorite Bear

Here is some of more of the 

Here is some of the new Smokey the Bear Merchandise

The new sign that leads around the corner to Grizzly River Run area

I absolutely love the new look which matches and flows really well with the Grand Californian hotel as well.

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