Friday, May 1, 2015

Disney Vacation Tip #4 : Bring more Cash $$$$$$

Okay this Vacation Tip is pretty obvious....

When you plan your trip to Disney World or Disneyland.......
Bring more cash than you planned on spending.  

SHOW ME MONEY!!!   That is Disney's motto.

No matter how much you budget--or if you have a dining plan or not---you will spend more money than you planned on spending.

On our trip we had one pair of sunglasses lost and another pair broken.   Cha Ching... Epcot just made about $40 extra bucks.

I love Disney or I wouldn't be doing a blog about it.....but even I have to admit that Disney is willing to make a buck on any and everything.  Whether it is a $3 water bottle in the parks or pumping out smells from the Bakery on Main Street to get you hungry.  

Disney has poured a ton of money into the Magic Band program --which is like something out of a Sci-Fi movie (I will write an entire blog about how much I love the Magic Bands later) .  With all the money they poured into this system -- Disney has even found a way to make money off of the Magic Bands.   You can pay for customized ones --or trick them out with accessories.   Brilliant marketing!

Here is a link of some of the Magic Band Accessories that Disney is Cashing in on.

After a long day at the parks you may relax with a couple of extra drinks at the pool bar.  
Swipe that Magic Band (you don't even need a wallet anymore---which is convenient when in your bathing suit.) 
Of course that is extra money out of your credit card.   The Magic Bands aren't Magic in that you magically get stuff for free.

So Bring more cash.....Lots and lots of cash or credit.
Budget extra for the things that aren't in your budget
like Sunscreen or that extra souvenir you didn't plan to buy --but bought anyway.   Bring extra cash you will need it

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