Friday, May 29, 2015

A Disney Parks Restaurant Review: Review #1 The Corn Dog Cart

I decided to start adding some Disney Parks Restaurant reviews to the blog after going on our recent trip to Walt Disneyworld.  We ate at many great places on our trip and I figured I would have plenty to talk about from Disneyland –since we have  pretty much tried everywhere at Disneyland.   The list of restaurants to work through is big…so where should I start??    I thought long and hard and decided –the place to start was the corn dog cart.
Yes you heard that right I said the Corn Dog Cart.  

 A staple at the end of Main Street in Disneyland –on the right hand side on the way to Tomorrowland.

Once the cart opens the lines get long and that is for a reason.
These are no ordinary corn dogs.    Before trying the Corn Dog Cart I used to occasionally visit the Wienerschnitzel  near my old work in Torrance for lunch.   After a Corn Dog from Disneyland –Wienerschnitzel will never be good enough.  One Corn Dog from this Disneyland icon is a meal.   And it is sooooo good.  The cornbread coating on these corn dogs is so tasty – the secret Disneyland recipe must have a little magic in it. I dare anyone that likes corn dogs to try this and tell me it isn’t the best corn dog ever.  Hot Dog on a stick has nothing on this Disneyland gem.

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