Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ultimate Epcot: If money was no object --What would you add to Epcot: Part 5 Japan

 What would I change at Epcot if money was no object?
I thought this would be a fun little interactive new weekly blog where I will post my thoughts and then ask what you would like to see" If money was no object"  Think big....Like Carsland or Harry Potter big.  Some of my ideas you may love --others you may absolutely hate.   Feel free to chime in with ideas of your own.

Japan was a harder land to come up with something.  I've read online that at one point a Mt Fuji Matterhorn style ride was thought to be a good fit for Japan.  While thinking about how you could plus this already complete country I decided to go a little outside of the box on this one.  Digging into the Disney archives there really isn't a lot of stuff that could tie into the Japan Pavilion.   Japan has its own Disneyland park and Disney Sea---but nothing from those parks really screams "This is Japan".   You could do something with Big Hero 6 --but that actually takes place in a fictional mixed town of San Francisco and Toyko called San FranToyko.   So even though you could make a great Big Hero ride --it just didn't feel like the right fit.  Then a thought hit me while my daughter was watching Cars 2 in the living room.  Something that would be a great fun fit and would bring a major attraction that could give you a tour of Japan of parts of Japan.

I'm talking about bringing an interactive  Radiator Springs Racers style ride to Epcot with a Japanese twist.

Cars 2 is basically a spy flick starring Mater with the background story of Lightning McQueen racing around the world.  One of the best race sequences involved a race through Tokyo.  So I was thinking about how everyone loves Carsland and Radiator Springs so much .   How cool would it be to bring the ride in a different way to Japan.   

How cool would it be to bring the ride an indoor Tokyo Racing ride--you could do an amazing inside Cars themed drifting ride that plays on what they did with the dark ride portion of Radiator Springs .  Imagine racing through the streets of Tokyo at night in a Cars style ride vehicle with a drifting element.    

This ride would be a blast and would bring some excitement to the Japan pavilion.

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