Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ultimate Epcot: If money was no object --What would you add to Epcot: Part 3 France

 What would I change at Epcot if money was no object?

I thought this would be a fun little interactive new weekly blog where I will post my thoughts and then ask what you would like to see" If money was no object"  Think big....Like Carsland or Harry Potter big.  Some of my ideas you may love --others you may absolutely hate.   Feel free to chime in with ideas of your own.

In part 1 we covered Canada Part 2 my over the top plans for England.  Now it is time to talk about what we could add to France The first easy and obvious ride would be the Ratatouille ride that is actually in the French theme park outside of Paris.

The ride itself takes guests aboard ratmobiles (at rat size) through Gusteau's restaurant.  I've never been on the ride myself -(since I haven't been to France) --but it looks and sound like a lot of fun.  It looks action packed as the guests scurry about the restaurant using a combination of video screens and live props.     Below is a you tube ride through video showing what the ride looks like.

This ride is a perfect fit for France at Epcot --with its theming a perfect match for what is already there.

And if money is no object --why not bring an actual Las Vegas sized  Eiffel Tower to Epcot.   I can't think of a better addition to the French Pavilion.  In Vegas you have a view of the Bellagio and its fountain show,    Image dining in a Restaurant a quarter of the way up like in Vegas with a view of all of World Showcase. 

 And at night instead of Illuminations ---image watching a new Epcot World of Color out on the lake.  This restaurant would be booked a year in advance it would be so popular. A true Eiffel Tower would be one the the main attractions of World Showcase.

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