Thursday, May 28, 2015

Disneyland Pictures of the Week: Star Wars is coming

I was just recently at the big Star Wars celebration in Anaheim –literally right across the street from Disneyland.

I found the lack of a big announcement regarding anything new coming to the theme parks  disturbing.  

When you go to a big convention like Star Wars Celebration excitement is in the air.  I joked and said "How do you make 40,000 nerds them a Star Wars trailer in an arena"   With at least 6 new films on the way you could feel the joy for Star Wars at the  convention. After the convention a natural depression sets in. Kind of a post convention dulldroms.   All the anticipation for the convention is over and the wait begins for the next big thing.

Then the jealously sets in…..  You see Disney’s Hollywood Studios gets 4 weeks of Star Wars every year already.
It is sort of like a 4 week convention with panels and celebrities and cool things like a make shift Star Wars lounge and the Sci-Fi Dine in getting a Star Wars themed breakfast –with the trailer and clips from the films in the background.    (I’m not sure why they don’t just have this there all the time).    Being on the West Coast I sat here wishing we had a Sci Fi dine in…..Wishing we got a Star Wars weekend with special Star Wars themed drinks and light up Millennium Falcon  ice cubes.

Well when we went out to the parks this weekend to check out some of the new 60th Anniversary stuff.  We first saw this.

A Lemonade stand with  a Boba Fett cup?

A Han Solo in Carbonite Popcorn –bucket….I thought these were only in Orlando.

And the light up ice cubes. (The glass is from Target)

Star Wars is coming…The news that Indy is getting a bar in Disney Springs only makes me more confident that something big for Star Wars is coming soon.   Star Wars is Disney's Harry Potterso  it is just a matter of time before the big plans they are working one come to light.  If you follow Disney as closely as I do you will remember those crates at the last D23 teasing that they were Blue Skying something Star Wars related.   Well the movie is now around 200 days away so I bet something big is coming soon.

I'm shocked that they didn't move the Force Awakens Props exhibit across the street once the Convention was over. I could see that exhibit that had 2 plus hour lines at the convention where the Tomorrowland props are now---or in Innoventions.

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