Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Adult Drinks at Disneyland Part 2 Carthay Circle Lounge : 60th Anniversary drink

The Carthay Circle Lounge is a great place to stop and have a cocktail at the Disneyland Resort.  Located in the Carthay Circle Theater inside of DCA.  It is like stepping into a piece of history.
The building is a recreation of the Carthay Circle Theater where Snow White first premiered back when it was released .
 We stopped by the Lounge the other day to have a drink and escape the crowds.  It was is all decked out to Celebrate Disneyland's  60th Anniversary.

The Carthay Circle  Lounge is a stylish lobby lounge that serves appetizers  and craft cocktails.  It is decorated with old black and white photos of Walt from back in the day.   It has a main section which serves as a waiting area for the restaurant upstairs and a separate section that is connected to the bar and open kitchen.
Drop by to enjoy a wide selection of wines and craft cocktails that include flight of Scotch, Whiskey, Rum and much more.

I had to try one of the special 60th Anniversary drinks made for Disneyland's celebration.

The Carthay Diamond Manhattan which comes with a Diamond shaped ice cube.  The drink was good although out of my normal comfort zone -but I couldn't resist trying something new.

Here is a description of the drink from the menu.

And Here is a Video from the Disney Blog on how to make the drink at home.  I love that Disney has a video series on how to make some of their signature  drinks.

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