Saturday, May 16, 2015

Exploring World Showcase at Epcot: Part 5 Japan (Part 1 of 3) General overview

Up next in our trip around World Showcase......Japan.

The Japan Pavilion is in my opinion one of the coolest looking pavilions.  The architecture is stunning which is hopefully captured in the these pictures.   

I love this picture which I posted previously as a picture of the day for Epcot which shows the view of the rest of world showcase from Japan.

 The Japan pavilion features several restaurants.  One is Teppan Edo which is a Teppanyaki style restaurant where the chefs cook in front of and entertain you.  If you have never had the chance to eat at one of these types of restaurants it is worth checking out.   Another restaurant is Tokyo Dining which features sushi and tempura. 

The last restaurant is a counter service restaurant called Katsura Grill which sits in the pagoda seen the picture below.  Just up the pathway from the Koi pond.

While in Japan we shared an iced Kirin which was surprisingly terrific while the kids had some strange Japanese style cola and candies from a little cart

In the Main building there are usually some interesting exhibits.  The last time I was here it was an exhibit on Tin Toys.  This time it was an exhibit called "Spirited Beasts From Ancient Stories to Anime Stars"  that showed how some of the creatures from Japanese Mythology have been used in Japanese culture and cartoons today.  I will have a separate blog with pictures from this exhibit.

There was a little exhibit where they would show you how to do Japanese writing and my stepdaughter had one of the girls from Japan write her name in Japanese letters.

And then there is the  Mitsukoshi department store that has everything you could every want from Japan.  This is where the Lucky Cat pictures from a previous blog were from.  We have so many pictures from inside here that it will probably be another blog as well.

If you are Lucky you may catch Matsuriza which is a traditional Taiko which is a group of drummers and Japanese Storytellers.   Check them out if you get the chance.

In the next World Showcase we will hang around in Japan a little while longer to explore it in more detail

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