Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ultimate Epcot: If money was no object --What would you add to Epcot: Part 4 Morocco

 What would I change at Epcot if money was no object?
I thought this would be a fun little interactive new weekly blog where I will post my thoughts and then ask what you would like to see" If money was no object"  Think big....Like Carsland or Harry Potter big.  Some of my ideas you may love --others you may absolutely hate.   Feel free to chime in with ideas of your own.

In part 3 we explore what could be added to Morocco.  My thoughts are obvious for Morocco.  Aladdin and Jasmine are already visiting from Agrabah --why not bring the rest of Agrabah to Morocco.  You could enter this make believe city via a magic portal courtesy of the Genie.  Think something like the entrance to Diagon Alley at Universal.

Once you enter Agrabah the palace would be looming in the background past the streets of the town.

Inside that palace could be the hit Aladdin Stage Show that is currently at DCA.  The show is great and features all the music from the classic film.   The main reason this show stays so popular is the Genie.   He is top notch and constantly comes up with fresh and new jokes which makes this attraction worth repeating again and again.

Another attraction would be a Peter Pan style dark ride featuring the magic carpet.   Which would take you through scenes from the movie on a magic carpet ride with the song playing along your ride.

And there could be a Caves of Wonder play area that would be like the caverns on Tom Sawyer's Island with Treasure room and interactive things for the kids to do and a Genie Meet and Greet.

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