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13 Times on the Tower of Terror on Friday the 13th (July 2007)

A much needed day of Fun.     The Tower of Terror –one on my favorite rides  in both  Florida   and  Southern California –gets a moment to shine today.  A myspace friend of  mine  and fellow micechatter –Cat –threw together an awesome day of  13 Times on the Tower of Terror on Friday the 13th  
"Rikes"  Scooby Doo
"Come Scoob"   Shaggy
"Rrr no "   Scooby  shakes his head indicating no
"How about for  Scooby Snack"  Shaggy
" Rrr ah"     Scooby   still shakes his head
"Two Scooby Snacks"  Shaggy
Now that we have convinced Scoob to go on the ride –Here is the photo blog mainly from my pictures of the day–
(I will indicate when the pictures are not  of my own taking)
I meet up with the group of folks  at  the La Brea  Bakery  --right outside the park.  This is one of the few places in all of the Disneyland Resort that I hadn't eaten before.  "Umm breakfast"
After breakfast and introductions  --having never meet anyone there in person before the day begin.  We all headed off to Challenge the Tower.   (Luckily  I had my  Tiki God to ward off the evil spirits )  

As we approached the Tower loomed over us  mocking us if you will

The wait time was short  and appropriately   13  Minutes  (coincidence  I think not)  

 A Bell Hop  menacingly glared at us as we approached for the first time of the day

The Great Tiki  Impresonating   the  Brillant  Rod Serling
This is a Service Elevator   "Yada --Yada --Yada"

Right before  the first  ride of the day

Survivng the first drop  we headed back around the corner to go for number 2
The  line was non existent
"Fast Passes  --We don't need no stinking Fastpasses"

Here are some random lobby shots --(They really need to clean this place--they were cobwebs everywhere)

Now randomness from the library

The Service Elevator waiting area
The Cruel shoes    Evil befalls those that wear them

On the 11th Trip the Elevator Shuttered and  broke and was closed after our ride.   "A warning perhaps?"      Was the ride trying to give us the Shaft?  (If you know what i mean)

We tried to convince one of the Bell hops that we had seen numerous times  to join us for number 13  (this photo courtesy of Cat)  -
"Gobble Gooble Gobble Gooble --One of us --one of us"    (Freaks he must have thought)

Anyway --something   happened on the 13th ride
" I kid I kid"

No we survived it .
Goofy was outside  ---Just being well  Goofy"

Here is a group photo  --I'm Python style --Sir not appearing in this picture

Oh I'm in this one  (Props again to Cat)

I call this one ---The Ocean's  8   Plus one behind the camera shot

After finishing up early with the Tower thanks to short lines.  We hit  Screaming--and Haunted Mansion--Pirates --and Indy--Star Tours and  Space.

Thanks to everyone that went for a wonderful  day.  There  were ups and downs  and ups again  and some more downs  ---(Well you get the picture)
--the longest amount of time I've spent in the park since the line for  Nemo  (knee slapper alert)

For a different slant on the entire day check out my friends Micechat post with pictures.

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