Monday, May 23, 2011

Shag now or Shag Later Haunted Mansion 40th anniversary event (Aug 2009)

I headed out Sunday to celebrate the Mansion's 40th Anniversary --For the Shag artwork event and signing was there on August 9th

When I arrived there was already quite a bit of a line.....Is a new Indiana Jones attraction opening? Not so much.

As I tried to sort out which line was which...I took a quick look in one of the stores where I ended up with a Hawaiian Tiki Room Shirt

Here was a Tomorrowland shirt SHAG style!

Tiki Style----Going into stores can be unhealthy for the wallet

Awww! There were ghosts in the windows as I waited in the hot sun for a line that was moving slower than the Rocket Rods

The Line of the day award

Being in line for that long on Main Street gives you the time to appreciate the little details

A Dude rocking the Shag Haunted Mansion Shirt

Once Inside a sample of some of the stuff

Once you picked what you wanted---you got to wait in line again ---Lines Rock.

More Shag action

Non Shag Mansion Action

I got the Coaster set

and the Postcard set so I would have all 14 of the painting that I could make a display for

Luckily the Autograph line had dwindled away by the time I got through the merchandise line

So Chilling with Shag Tiki Style

Of course I had to go on the Mansion to celebrate the anniversary .....Here are a few pics I snapped of the outside.  I tried to capture a few different angles than normal.

From the Wheelchair entrance

Pet graveyard

Stinky died in the forest after to many games of pull my pinky.


Snowball IV chased a mail truck to closely and now he is in heaven


Here lies my pet frog  he croaked

Here lies Piggy Mc Bacon...He thought he was  friends with  the butcher ......boy was he mistaken

Here lies a bat.....he flew into the wax museum and fell in a vat

The Gates of Doom


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