Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trader Sam's Part 3 (More Details) Many left to be discoverd the next time I go

All the cool little details will keep me coming back for more......The food was good we had a great  Cheese Flatbread and  Chicken Lettuce  wrap in this really good sauce......The drinks were good....I had some Blue Hawaiian type drink that was good but not very strong.......If you want strong ---GO to Mahe's in Seal Beach......2 Mai Tais there and forget about it

Tiki Room   style  I think that is Rongo  but I may be mistaken

Here is a look at one of the side of the bar  I did a close up of some of the interesting stuff in next photo

Gorilla  Grog   --sounds  disgusting
 Another sample of some of the photos there

A wide view of where the above mask sits

More Vintage Jungle Cruise

Named for the famous Dr   Albert  Falls   (Cruise joke)

Pineappleman out   --until the next time 

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