Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trader Sam's is open for Business Part 1 Photo blog

The Theme of the night was Rum......We first headed to Downtown Disney AMC Theatres to see the New  Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides which was a delight --I'll review that on a different blog

Then we went in search of Trader Sam's the new Adventure/Tiki bar at the hotel.    Which wasn't easy to find right off the bat---because I knew how I thought I should be able to get there and ended up walking all around the mazes of blue construction walls  before we found where we needed to go....But find it we finally did.

And I loved it from the walk up to the doors......Tiki torches ----Tons of outside seating.....I just spoke to the Disneyland and Tiki fan that I am which is why this appears on both my Tiki and Disneyland blogs

Tikis  guard the entrance to the Tangaroo Terrace which was already closed for the night ---but that I intend on eating at  very soon....

 The new pool area with retro  Monorail water slides was dear to me as well  since I worked the Monorail  back in my college days at the park

After taking a few photos outside we headed indoors for a look at the menu

And began to gaze around at all the great  stuff.......Texting my buddy Scott that used to work Tiki Room and Jungle back in the day to tell him that he would need to come here next time he is in town..... Tiki Room Wall Chanting Tikis framed our view

More Pictures of some of the little details in  Part 2 coming up

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