Monday, May 16, 2011

Pirates 3 and Pirate's Lair (may 2007--A Look back)

 I headed out to D-land to see what was new on Tom Sawyer's Island.    
The Great Tiki will be our guide  --here he is outside of the new Dead Man's Grotto.
Dead Man's Grotto was a big improvement over and old and decaying Injun Joe's cave and its bottomless pit that often had trash at the bottom you were supposed to see.     The Grotto  holds the beating Heart of Davy Jone's
The caves also held some cool effects -  pop up Pirates --Cursed treasure that disappeared when you tried to grab up --great stuff.
The rest of the island  was fun  but nothing too exciting.   The  Island is aimed at kids after and in that the changes were effective and  refreshing  (while still trying to keep the  Tom Sawyer them to keep the Disney history people off their backs)   The Pirating of the Island  gives it a fun new twist.
Here are some of the other things to see on the Isla de Pirates
The Bone cage from Dead Man's Chest
New fun interactive stuff near the old barrel bridge
More Pirates lay over
It's Captain Jack Sparrow  photo op
The stunt show was ok for what it was --which is a minimalist little street show that appears to just occur.  This isn't a big Universal Studios style stunt show --but more street theater--The thing that makes it better is Jack Sparrow Savvy!!
A cool little story about a treasure map that everyone battles over
A rival for Jack to fight
The Traditional stunt show stunt
Fighting --fighting who is the winner?

Jack hanging out over the water
After the show headed over to Downtown Disney  for ---More Pirate action
Pirates  3: At World's End  9 out of 10
I  really liked it  was only my third favorite of the  Pirates of the Caribbean series.   Which for me go in  order just like the Indy films.    I'm not going to really give it a review --Because i don't want to spoil things for anyone that hasn't yet seen it.
So instead I'll just say that I thought Act 1 was a little slow--weird and goofy---once the film settled in the 2nd half and final act were great and filled with action humor, plot twists and a satisfying end.    Make sure to stay past the final credits  for end of story.
Here are some pics from some food scenes  --this was end of great Spaghetti Western style face off on a spit of sand in the middle of the ocean.
The Pirate Lords Segment of the film was great!

A question to be asked
Jack takes one in the face
So all in all a great movie --after a slow bizarre beginning.

Anyone that has seen it and wants to discuss do so in the comments section----
"Let this be a warning that spoilers be in the comments section  --that is if there are any comments

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