Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trader Sam's Part 2 (The little Details)

One of the things I've always loved about Disney is the little details......From the Line of the Indiana Jones ride and Jungle Cruise they have always added the little things that make it that much more special
As we continue our tour through Trader Sam's  Here is a quick look at the main bar area.... Notice  way up at the top the drumming Tikis from the Tiki Room attraction..

Part Tiki Bar /  Part Adventurers  Club from Pleasure Island....It has a mix and feeling of Adventure throughout.......This bizarre Elephant sculpture was intriguing

Love the Skull that got Lei'd

Interactive fun ----the windows that look out on the volcanoes that erupt every so often.....Another  great feature  --just like the sinking Ship in a the bottle behind the bar that used to be in the Adventurers club in Orlando

 Jungle Cruise style

One of the walls filled with cool treasures
Adventure is in the air

Bizarre  Tiki

Safari Style

More of the little details in Part 3

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