Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ant-man Sneak Peek: At DCA

The latest in park Sneak Peek is for Marvel’s upcoming movie Ant-man  

When Ant-man was announced I think most people in America we probably thinking “Ant-man??”

Some were predicting –maybe this will be Marvel’s first misstep in the MCU, but people said the same thing about Guardians of the Galaxy.     I was lukewarm about Guardians until I saw the in park Sneak Peek and was blown away.    The Ant-man sneak peek has once again made a movie I was only slightly interested in now a must see.


The Bug’s Life Theater is the perfect setting for this movie sneak peek.  As you walk into the underground  caves –the first thing you see after picking up your 3-D glasses is the Ant-man suit.

The sneak peek itself features an intro by Paul Rudd and then jumps into an extended scene from the movie in which his character first tries on the suit.  In 3-D and with the in theater effects this scene was super cool.   He tests the suit in the bathtub and ends up being flushed down the drain and into several other rooms.   After this segment we get an extended trailer that really shows off the amazing action sequences in this movie. The sneak peek is definitely worth checking out and the movie looks a lot cooler than I thought it would be. The special effects in the this film are out of this world.

Check out the Sneak Peek while it is still at the Disneyland Resort.   The movie itself comes out later this week

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