Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dinosaur: A Disneyworld Ride Review

Dinosaur:  A Disney World Ride Review:  9 out of 10
When we were at Animal Kingdom on our recent trip –we timed going on this ride perfectly.  We had just finished dinner at Rainforest Café and had wandered over to Dinosaur—just as the lines that were much larger earlier in the day were gone.  We were lucky enough to wait at the most about 5 minutes for the ride and immediately jumped back in line to do it again with an even shorter line the second time.      

The Dinosaur ride makes use of the ride technology Disney created for the Indiana Jones Attraction in California.  In fact the ride itself uses the same exact track.  Instead of Indiana Jones battling the angry god Mara –this ride has you bumping around in the dark trying to locate a specific dinosaur while trying to avoid a meteor shower and a giant Carnosaur.  The ride is thrilling and features a great dramatic finale.  Basically the rolling ball from the Indiana Jones attraction has been replaced by a giant dino.
As a family attraction –it may be a little bit too intense for younger kids—I guess you need to know what your kids can and can’t handle.  Kids can be weird about what they will and won’t go on.  Personally like the Indiana Jones version better---but if you like Indy you will like Dinosaur and it is the only ride similar on the East Coast. 

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