Monday, July 20, 2015

Seekers of the Weird: Disney/Marvel Comic Review (Available at Off the Page in DCA)

Last week at Disney’s California Adventure I wandered into Off the Page the store that is connected to Drawn to Animation building.   Checked out some of the artwork and bought my 
step daughter a 60th Anniversary pin and then stumbled across a collected edition of Seekers of the Weird.

This was the first of Series of Disney/Marvel comics that Marvel did in connection with Imagineering called Disney Kingdoms.  This series features stories based on Disney Attractions.  I had bought the first issue  of Seekers of the Weird when it came out –but I don’t visit the comic store that often –so when I went back months later I couldn’t find issues 2 and 3 so forgot about it.   
Then I saw this cool collected edition  --along side ones based on Figment  (from Journey to Imagination) and a Big Thunder comic (not yet collected).      Off the Page also has all of the new Marvel Star Wars comics as well so if you having trouble locating them –you can find them in the parks.

Seekers of the Weird is a story based on the artwork Rolly Crump did for the Haunted Mansion that was almost a separate walk through attraction Walt Disney wanted to do called the Museum of the Weird.  

A year ago I was lucky enough to meet and get to hear a presentation by Rolly Crump at Tiki Oasis in San Diego and to get a copy of his book "It's Kind of A Cute Story".  So having read some of that book my interest in this comic was increased even more.

The comic itself was visually entertaining.   I could easily see this as a video game –because part of the story centers on the characters collecting objects within the museum.  It has elements similar to a Night at the Museum meets The Librarian series/ Warehouse 13….as things in the Museum of the Weird are anamorphic in nature that would be visually interesting in video game or movie form.

    The story centers on two high school kids whose parents own a curiosity shop.  They arrive home from school one day and stumble across their parents battling some strange creatures and getting kidnapped.    Their house catches fire and their uncle they have never meet leads them through a portal into the Museum of the Weird.   Once inside museum they are tasked with solving a puzzle that will make a Coffin Clock that they can exchange for their parents freedom.   The story was odd and a little confusing at points –but still interesting.  I absolutely loved the visual references to some of Rolly Crump’s original artwork and I could totally see the Museum of the Weird as an attraction or ride.    Maybe as a twist of Mystic Manor in Hong Kong since the story features some shared elements. 

I would recommend picking up Seekers of the Weird for any Disney History or Haunted Mansion fans.   The collected edition includes some of Rolly Crump’s original artwork for the Museum and variant covers from the comic series.  I know a lot of people are excited for the Figment comic  (having only seen that version of the ride once) my interest in that one isn’t as high—but if you love that attraction you can find that in collected form at Off the Page as well.

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