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Following Tron news has been a roller coaster lately. Figuratively and Literally!

 If you have been keeping up on Tron news lately it has been a roller coaster ride of good and bad news.  First the Good news.
See the Video below.

Now for the rollercoaster that lead us to this:
Several months ago I did a Podcast with my friends covering our top 5 movie sequels that never were. Here is that Podcast

It covered movies we would have loved to see that didn’t happen.   I mentioned how Tron 3 was on my list and that with Disney owning Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars—that I didn’t think Disney was going to invest in a Tron 3.    
The original Tron was at the top of my movies I would love to see a sequel for for over 20 years…and when they finally got around to it I couldn’t be happier to get back to the grid again. 
I got my first glimpse at Tron Legacy at Comic Con.  I was thrilled years ago at Comic Con when we came across the secret Flynn’s Arcade promo exhibit outside of Comic Con in Gaslamp District. The Tron Revival was just beginning.

Tron in the Parks
I fondly remember the old Peoplemover Tron section with the Lightcycles.   “you have escaped Tron’s Game Grid for now Users,  but take heed next time you may not fair so well”
I have wanted some type of Lightcycle ride since the 1980’s and after the short lived Rocket Rods---I thought that the old Peoplemover track would have been the perfect spot for a Tron Ride.   That ride never happened --but when Tron Legacy came out we got a Tron Legacy sneak Peek that blew me away with it's in theater effects that took you into the world of Tron.

And we got Electronica --where the Hollywood section of DCA turned into the Grid at night.   I still wish it was there.

Having waited 20 years for a sequel seeing Tron Legacy was going to be special.  We went and saw Tron Legacy at El Captain just to see the few props they had from the film and I loved it.  It was exactly how a sequel that many years later should be done. 
 Passing the torch rather than rebooting. 

  (Here is the Lightcycle that was on display at the El Cap)
After seeing Tron Legacy.... I couldn't wait for more. I wanted to plug right back into the grid and that happened in the form of Tron Uprising.
Tron Uprising was an excellent animated TV Show that took us back to the grid and was meant to bridge the gap until Tron 3 came out.   I remember going to downtown Disney to catch a sneak peek of Tron Uprising –before the TV show premiered on Disney XD a great series that got buried on the channel at strange time and only lasted one season.

After Tron uprising was cancelled we waited and waited for Tron 3 news..That never came.   It was eventually put on the shelf.  Until a week after we recorded our Podcast and I declared that Tron 3 probably wouldn't happen.   News broke that  week that Tron 3 was actually going forward.   That it would start filming this fall in Vancouver Canada.     I couldn’t have been more excited.   When we did our next Podcast covering a So Bad it is Good  movie Raiders of Atlantis I was quick to share the great news that Tron 3 was indeed going forward.   
Then the roller coaster ride derailed as news came out after the movie Tomorrowland underperformed at the box office  that Tron 3 wasn’t happening again.  I was totally disappointed yet again.    No Tron 3  means no Electronica returning  the parks –which means we are stuck with the less exciting Mad T Party. 
No Tron 3 means definitely no Tron ride right.   I forgot about Tron –my hopes for it becoming a franchise crushed again.  Imagine how the guys over at the Tron Podcast must feel.
(you can find all the Tron you want over at Decoding the Grid)
Last week Tron news starting popping up again.   A Disney Parks Blog feature on the anniversary of Tron and another article looking back at Electronica on the Disney Parks Blog
And now literally news of a roller coaster.   Check out the news over on Inside the Magic.

Unfortunately the coaster will be in Shanghai –so I may never get to ride it.  Let’s hope Tron 3 gets back on track at some point—because without it this cool Tron ride will probably never make it over to America.  
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