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Ultimate Epcot: If money was no object --What would you add to Epcot: Part 6 Germany

When the Germany Pavilion in Epcot was first built it was supposed to house a river boat ride –that from the description sounds like an indoor version of Storybookland in Disneyland.  Instead of featuring miniature houses from Disney films it would be like a tour of Germany.   The building for the attraction exists –but the ride itself was never built.
 In Ultimate Epcot we have been talking about what you would add to each section of World Showcase “If money was no object”.  Many of the countries it was easy to come up with ideas for as there were obvious Disney connections to those lands.
The Disney Germany connection is mainly Snow White.   The Seven Dwarf's Mine Train would have been a perfect addition to Germany—but that went in at the Magic Kingdom instead –so to do something Snow White related would be redundant.
So what does that leave us to work with???
Out of the Box idea: Bringing Germany to World Showcase:
My first thought was very non-Disney –but very Germany.   A Brewery Tour

There are over 1,300 Breweries currently in Germany.   If Disney were to cut a long term deal with one of those Breweries they could build a working Brewery building with an Omnimover ride system that could take you on a tour through the Brewing process.    I remember as a kid going to Busch Gardens in Los Angeles.   I remember it had an old log ride through an Aviary (bad idea) and it also had a little boat ride as well.   But I remember the slow moving ride that took you through the brewery.   Of course the mistake they made was having free beer samples.  
(You can check out a video of  the old Busch Gardens in Los Angeles here which shows the ride that would take you through the brewery)

A Club Cool with beer  in Epcot –as fun as that would be --would be a disaster, but a Brewery tour would be cool.

Inside the Box Idea:
The story of Rapunzel also has German roots.  If Norway is getting a Frozen ride –why not give  Germany a Tangled ride based on my second favorite Flynn

Join Flynn Rider as he tries to escape the law in a wild ride with the feel of the Tangled Ever After short cartoon.   can’t  pinpoint what the right ride vehicle would be for this attraction,    maybe a trackless ride system like Toy Story Mania?  The vehicles could be designed as mine carts from that scene in the movie.  The ride itself would be a fun out of control Mr Toad like ride through Flynn’s world.   Starting in the mines it could then go off track as your mine car spins and takes you through a forest scene and then crashing through a large Snuggly Duckling Tavern Scene at the end.

I’d like to hear your ideas ---for “If Money was no object”  what you would add to Germany?

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