Saturday, July 11, 2015

Kilimanjaro Safaris: Family Attraction Review 10 out of 10 Part 2

Okay Back for Part 2 of our Safari.   This 10 out of 10 Family Adventure is one of my favorites in the parks.

Walt's original plan for the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland was to have real animals.  They had to explain to Walt that it wouldn't work.

Well years later when the Disney company opened the Animal Kingdom they made Walt's dream come true.  Kilimanjaro Safaris transports you to Africa.   In part 1 we saw some Elephants ---let's see what we can see in Part 2

Kilimanjaro Safaris is entered in  after passing through the town of Harambe.  The ride takes place in the Harambe Wildlife Reserve.  The ride itself takes up more space than all of Disneyland in CA 

The animals you can encounter on a trip to Africa via the Safari ride can be impressive...Here are just a few that we got some shots of on our ride.

The Hippos
"Don't worry, the natives tell me that they are only dangerous when they wiggle their ears and blow bubble"

"You know the crocs are always looking for a hand out. Ya' but be careful, I once had an English teacher on board and she didn't listen to me......

"Now she is teaching shorthand"

Look closely and you may see Tiger Woods-----
oh never mind it is just another Cheetah

One of the great things about this ride is that most of the animals have free roam of the large enclosures.  It is not uncommon to have a Rhino stroll right next to or in front of your vehicle.


Hiding in the background the elusive Okapi.  A Relative of the Giraffe family.

 Speaking of Giraffe's  hear comes one now making his way down the road

The views along your journey are breathtaking.  This is the playground of these beautiful creatures.  A replica of Africa in the middle of Florida.  The details Disney put into this ride are stunning.

A tiny little Thompson's Gazelle

Up ahead is one of the cool lookout stations 

Oh Look more Zebras

 The backside of Zebra

That is all for today's journey through this magical ride.  I hope I made the point in the end about what an amazing journey this ride can be.

Here is the list of animals you may see along your journey.  I just posted some of the better pictures that we got on ours.

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