Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pixar’s Inside Out Pre-Parade.

While in the park this past Sunday my Stepdaughter wanted to see the Inside Out parade float which is a Pre-Parade float that goes by before The Pixar Play Parade. 
 Getting a spot for DCA’s  daytime parade was a lot easier.   Our timing was perfect:  We caught the tail end of the little newsboy show that features Mickey Mouse and as soon as that cleared out we were able to grab a spot across from the Carthay Circle in the shade and the Pre-Parade was just about 15 minutes away.

These little Pre-Parade floats are usually used as a way of advertising the newest movies.  They are great way of giving the kids that just saw the movie or are planning to see the movie getting a chance to see those characters that aren’t a part of long term parades like Pixar’s Play Parade.

Here are a couple of pictures I snapped of this float.

My personal favorite from the movie Anger.

Poor Sadness



We decided to stay and check the Pixar Parade.  

 I’ll have a photo blog from that later this week

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