Thursday, July 23, 2015

Exploring World Showcase at Epcot: Part 7: Germany (Stein Time)

We continue our journey around World Showcase with a stop in Germany. 

By the time we made it into Germany it was starting to get dark and the family was starting to run out of steam.  Unfortunately we had made a bad time management decision earlier in the day by visiting the outdated Universe of Energy (I’ll save that discussion for a different blog).  

My wife and I both discussed how we would love to come back to Epcot and spend more time in World Showcase.  I think we could easily spend a day just in this section of the park.  I’m glad I made the decision to start on the Canada side for our first visit since I knew my wife would be more interested in England and France.  The Norway ride being shutdown made this decision much easier.

Anyway back to Germany.  We didn’t get as many pictures since the daylight was fading.

The Germany Pavilion is made to look like a German town and features a statue of St. George and the Dragon.   The main draw in Germany is the Biergarten which has an indoor courtyard that is home to the Biergarten Restaurant which is a German Buffet that has the look and feel of Oktoberfest.  This Buffet features live entertainment and beer served in one liter steins.

Ahhh The Biergarten

Speaking of Steins….After we peaked inside Octoberfest to see what it looked like we ventured into the German Stein Store.  Here are some pictures from inside the Stein Haus


More time in Germany is definitely on our bucket list for a return visit.  As I continue to blog about my trip it feel like it is still fresh in my mind and feels like it was just weeks ago –when in reality it was 4 months ago.   I already have a big list of things I want to see and do the next time I’m there.

Up next  Ultimate Epcot :  A look at what we could add to Germany if money was no object.

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