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Bill Cosby's Disappearing act at Disney's Hollywood Studios (This post is for the adults)

We should never  over admire or idolize celebrities.
I saw a post earlier this week about Bill Cosby's statue being removed from Disney's Hollywood Studios and thought it would be worth talking about for a minute.

Hollywood has a habit of building up and deifying celebrities as long as they make a profit on them.  The Bill Cosby story is just another example of this.  Hollywood was apparently okay keeping his dark secrets as long as they could cash in and now he is expendable.

Bill Cosby was America's dad. 

The Cosby Show one of the biggest shows in all of Television.  
He was a brilliant stand up comedian that did a clean act.   
He didn't need to resort to curse words and was brilliantly funny.   He had a famed TV career on shows like I Spy, Fat Albert  and his Stand up career.  After his TV days he also toured the country talking about how African Americans  needed to stop blaming others for their problems and take responsibility in making their lives better themselves instead of complaining about it.   
Bill Cosby who was once the shining example of what African Americans should strive to be as he played a Doctor with strong family values.  Breaking down TV Stereotypes and showing people what they could strive for.    Now like so many celebs on a pedestal he has literally  been torn down  from that pedestal. 

Michael Jackson....  Tiger Woods.  ..... Lance Armstrong....  
Bill Cosby.   Hollywood Builds them up and reaps the benefits from this and then --when they have no use of them anymore tears them down.   

Until this week I was convinced that "I'm sure he slept with all these women----which makes him a cheater"  (something I despise) ---"But I doubt that he would drug women to have his way him them....He was Bill Cosby after all I'm sure he can get women pretty easily"  Now breaking news has revealed more information in the matter.

Now Bill Cosby has fallen from Grace.   
I took this picture of Cosby--amid the rumors on our trip back in March to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Now this statue is gone as of this week.  The smiling TV Dad in the sweater has been erased.
I wonder if we really knew about many Celeb and Athlete's lives how many other statues would be removed from their pedestals. 

Hollywood's Dark Side.  

The part that really bothers me is how like with the Donald Sterling stuff ---people say after the fact....."It was Hollywood's worst kept secret".   Everyone knew Donald Sterling was a Racist for years --but they only decided to be outraged about it when the audio tape surfaced.  All of a sudden this week we are in a rush to erase the Confederate flag from every corner of the country about an incident that really has nothing to do with the flag itself---where was the outrage over the flag a month ago?

Stuff as serious as what Cosby is being accused of -shouldn't  have been kept a secret.  As long as the Cosby Show is bringing in big ratings --Hollywood was apparently okay with sweeping it under the rug.  
 Why??  Why are we okay with that?

Why aren't we mad at NBC if this was Hollywood's worst kept secret?  How many Sports Stars and Celebs will we worship and deify over and over again before we learn the lesson.  We don't really know what does or doesn't go on in these Celebs lives.  
Look at JFK a serial Adulterer.....He is still deified by many people despite constantly cheating on his wife.   Would he have been treated differently today?  Would Bill Clinton --another liar and cheater have gotten the same treatment today that he did in the 1990's?   Stop putting people on a Pedestal---because that pedestal may have some cracks in it. 

 In the same week that Cosby statue came down at Disney's Hollywood Studios Subway restaurants had to disown Jarod 
( You know the Once Fat Guy that supposedly lost weight eating Sandwiches --because of a possible scandal).

My point is maybe we should stop building this people up in the first place.   Maybe Athletes and Movie Stars should just be looked at for their performance on the field and on the screen instead of looked at as role models.   Too many people have demons and when those demons come out --we all end up disappointed.   I used to love to watch the Tour De France.....Because of Lance Armstrong and his years of lying and ruining people's lives with threats --I can't even watch that corrupt sport anymore.

A Question to Disney:   Why is Bill Cosby gone and yet they brought back Captain EO with Michael Jackson?
Have we already forgotten all the child molestation accusations he faced --before he drugged himself to death?    How is that less offensive then what Cosby is accused of.

Okay sorry rant over......Next time I'll get back to fun Disney news.  

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