Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pixar Play Parade Photo Blog: Part 1 Monsters University

As I mentioned in my previous blog about the Inside Out Pre Parade  Float---I hadn't seen the Pixar Play Parade in a couple of years.   Probably the last time I saw it was when Monsters University came out and they added the Monsters University stuff to the beginning of the parade.   Getting a spot for this parade is a lot easier than across the street at Disneyland.

 The Pixar Play parade has been performing on and off since 2008 with a break during the Carland construction.  It is a fun parade that include water effects that spray water out at the audience that features Pixar characters exclusively.  

In Part one we take a look at the Monsters University section of the parade.   Leading the parade is   Roz. 

Followed by  Squishy, Art and Terry & Terri (characters from Monsters University.    

Then comes Sully in Monster University Letterman's jacket.

The main parade float now reads  "Celebrating 60 years of Fun"  
 a Reference to Disneyland's  60th Bithday

Mike brings up the rear section of the Float

The CDA looking of Humans

More Parade pictures coming later this week

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