Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Camera Bag (The Dorky yet acceptable Man-purse) Sept 2007

On my way to -Disneyland for the day--- I was deciding whether to leave my camera bag in the car.    But I realized  I just had way too much crap----So although touristy and dorky  I decided I could not jettison it and would have to  carry around the Camera Bag (Acceptable man-purse)  instead of the other option which  would be to walk around all day with bulging pockets.   After all  I had to carry around the gigantic overflowing George Costanzo wallet.  2  Pair of glasses Pair 1  My regular pair that allows me to be able to  read menus  so that I don't mistakenly order  the Salted Snails Ass when wanting the Waffles.  Pair 2   my cheap $10  sunglasses.   Then of course there is the obnoxious key set that can gain access to 2 houses 2 cars and my office at work which  also has the newly acquired "Lucky Tiki"   that may actually be more Monkeys Paw than Lucky Tiki..   And of course The Great Tiki that lives in my camera bag  .  Here is a picture of all my crap –and the notebook I purchased to write this down before I forgot it.

Notebook was purchased at this bookstore

So it was a no brainer    Camera Bag (AMP—Acceptable Man Purse)    or bulging pants "Is that a camera in your pocket or are you just glad to see me" 
 Of course there are other choices for Men ---none of which I approve of such as the Survivalist shorts.
This  pair of shorts could surely carry around all of the man crap –but with so many pockets that it may take you 10 minutes to even remember which pocket you put something in.   Favored by older Dad types that are constantly in survival mode.
This isn't even an option folks   -The Fanny Pack
This 1980's relic is a Dad thing for sure  ---(once forced to wear one of these while skiing in high school –because Backpacking  survivalist Father  insisted on everyone carrying around enough crap that you could survive an avalanche if it occurred.)     Oh I quickly jettisoned this obnoxious   eye sore when on my own.    Skiing it is passable ---but on the streets of society  .  JUST SAY NO.   PLEASE!!!!!    Please leave the fanny pack in the closet.

And here are just a few quick random pictures i took while at the park

Because i'm so into Tiki's  lately

Ok  i'm feeling sick need to lay down again  ----  Just a quick random reminder.
MAKE SURE to WASH YOUR Donkey before you go to sleep.

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