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Alone in the Haunted Mansion (A poem/Story) 08/11/2009

The Haunted Mansion's 40th Anniversary and the family that got to spend the night----has made me think about how cool it would be to be alone in the Haunted Mansion....I've decided to express that with a little poem (no standard form used here--just seeing where it leads)....

What would you look forward to the most about a night alone in the Haunted Mansion?....

If you could go anywhere and do anything?
If you could spend the night?
Or walk through the ride all alone?
Share those thoughts here

As i slowly create an unbelievable story of such a night. (Rough Draft version ---there may be misspelling ,,,Etc..)

Alone in the Haunted Mansion 
It was a foggy night
Unnatural one might say
For a Friday evening in May

Through a series on events
That shall remain unspoken
Backstage bribes?
And pledges that were broken?
I had the opportunity to spend a night 
Alone in the Haunted Mansion
What a spooky delight.

Alone I stood 
In front of its iron gates
A rusty key in a nervous hand
I turned the key inside the gates metal plates

As I did the fog rolled in
Off the the Rivers of America
Crawling up out of the water
Windings up the pathway
Racing past me toward the Mansion Entrance

I approached the Mansion
Shuffling my feet through the fog
Uncertain of each step
Passing by the horseless hearse
Carefully up the steps 
The doors already open 
The fog leading the way inside
Like some supernatural guide
The foyer was completely dark
The candle lights did not flicker.
As I stepped into the room
The fog grew thicker 
Filling the room up to my eyes
I thought I heard a whisper
It said “Surprise”
Then back outside the thick fog went
My nerves already were fairly spent
Alone in the darkness of the Haunted Mansion I stood
“I’ve got a bad feeling about this”
“This can’t be good”

I wandered over to the elevator
The Doors were closed
I had to pry them open
The elevator was in full stretch
The only light was the flickering image of the hanging body

There was no sound at all
The exit door was sealed shut 
Maybe I should retreat now?
Go back the way I came?
But that door too was now shut
I was trapped alone 
With only the hanging body to keep me company
And he wasn’t very talkative

For an hour I sat in the room
Trying not to panic
The hanging body was slowly swinging
Back and forth from the ceiling
Neither door would open 
As if unseen hands held them closed from the other side

Up again I looked
The body was no longer there
All that remained was a dangling rope
Where could the body have gone?
I scanned the ceiling with each flicker of light
It was nowhere to be seen.
Then I saw an image
Something obscuring one of the stretching paintings
With the next flicker of light it was gone
Was it my imagination?

I heard a crash 
Something hit the floor
A scraping noise 
Clawing across the carpet
Coming toward me
I backed up to the wall
I wanted to scream
 I couldn’t see it
As I pulled with all my strength at the door

It was crawling toward me
Its nails gouging through the carpet
Scratching to the floor below
Getting closer

I closed my eyes
I could sense its bony hands around my ankles 
The unseen force pulling me to the ground
I looked up the Body once again was hanging
Hanging harmlessly from the ceiling
Seen through flashes of light

I looked to the door it was open
I stood up and stumbled out into the hall
Knocking over the ropes that hold guest back
Back from the Portraits
The Portraits remained in darkness
Not changing as they normally did

I hurried past them towards 
The Faces that follow you
They were in darkness as well
Darkened eyes turning to watch me run by
They whispered as I passed
“Hurry now”

I approached the Motionless Doom Buggies
I wanted to exit 
I looked towards where the Doom Buggies entered
It was walled off
I turned toward the track 
Trying the Special exit doors
They were all locked
So into the heart of the ride I went
I made my way up the ramp
Darting around the Vehicles

The suit of armour clattered as I passed
I looked down the never ending hallway
It looked so real
It called out to me
“Come this way”

I ran into the hall towards the floating candle
No matter how fast I ran
The candle remained out of reach
A door to my side opened
Could this be the way out?
I entered the door which lead to a stairwell

A metal set of stairs
Going down in a spiral
Covered in dust
I was backstage now

Heading downstairs.

Down I went
The Stairwell looked out over faintly lit rooms 
Mechanical levers
Old dingy ropes
Dirty mechanics rags
Down and down I went
There was a door at the bottom
The door was locked
I stood at the bottom of the stairs
Looking up the curving metal steps

They seemed all twisted
Somehow smaller
More Claustrophobic
Heading up into infinite darkness
I dare not go back
I pounded on the door
As I heard the metal above me creak
Someone was coming down the stairs

The Stairwell moved with each footstep
I clawed at the wooden door 
Turned the knob again and again
“Let me out of here Let me out of here” 
But the door wouldn’t open
And the footsteps grew nearer
The metal stairwell shook violently 
Like it was falling apart
I pushed on the door 
The wood gave like it was a living thing

The footsteps grew louder
I pushed and door broke
Splintered into a million pieces
I stood up another door lay open in front of me
I walked through 
Locking it behind me

By the faint light of a row of computers
I saw them

Held in an eternal dance
Never letting go
Forever together

I wandered around the animatronic figures
The dancers of the ballroom
So creepy yet beautiful on this side of the glass
Forgotten for a moment the figure that followed me
I stared in marvel at these human like creations

Immortal beings
Revolving on life’s turntable
I walked among them
Wondering what it would be like

Electrical wiring

I stared out into the ballroom
Someone was out there
Night crew
Those mysterious men
That wander the underground tunnels
Waiting for the park to close 
Before they go about there work

I pounded on the glass trying to get his attention
Can’t he see me?
He was replacing a light
I waved and gestured

But he didn’t see me
I grabbed a chair and smashed it against the glass
The glass cracked a tiny little crack
The Night Crew man turned 
He held a flashlight scanning it across the window
He called something into his walkie talkie then turned and left

I wandered back amongst the figures
They began to move 
Spinning around 
I was caught amid their dance 
Dodging them as the danced around me

I searched the room 
I couldn’t find a door
Not even the one I had entered
Nothing made sense
I looked out into the ballroom
Beyond the shadows of the whirling animatronics

It looked like real people were out in the ballroom

I walked back over to the glass window
Smashing the chair into the crack 
Splinters of glass rained to the floor
I stepped through the hole 
Into an empty ballroom

I looked back at the window
The window was no longer broken

Yet I stood in a pile of broken glass
The Animatronics were still moving
But no longer in a dance
They gathered at the window
Pounding on it

Through the windows that led out I hurried
Leaving the madness of the ballroom
It lead to a backstage area
I ran down a corridor through another doorway
It opened inside the graveyard
But the graveyard was empty
Tombstones rocked back and forth
But all the figures were gone 
The Singing busts were faceless

I wandered down the track towards the exit
Working my way around the Doom Buggies
Where did all the figures go?
They can’t all be in the shop can they?
Then the Vehicles began to move
I darted across to the other side
There they are……

“Please Remain in your Doom Buggies”
Was playing over the speakers

As the Singing busts began to move their lips
Down the slope from the attic they came
Each Doom Buggie filled with a frightful spook
Coming closer and closer to where I stood
Frozen in place as if my foot was nailed to the floor

They were all singing the song now
“Please Remain in your Doom Buggies”
Blared over the speakers trying to drown them out
I turned and ran
Darting out of the room
As I passed the mirrors 
The hitchhiking ghosts mocked me
Standing side by side
In every mirror they stood 

I made it to the moving walkway
The Bride stood at the end

Holding a clipboard
“Death Certificate?” She asked
“What”? I said
“Death Certificate?” She repeated

I looked down and in my hand 
A sheet of paper
I handed it to her
“Hurry up! Let me go” I said
The Doom Buggies with their frightful spooks were catching up
She stamped the sheet and I tried to pass for the escalator out
But she stopped me and shoved me back into the a buggie
The bar closed down tight
I turned the corner into darkness

The Darkness continued
It seemed like it lasted forever

I couldn’t get out the bar was too tight
The ride continued
Shouldn’t I be back in the loading area by now?
The darkness grew blacker 
Darker than I thought dark could get
I was dumped out 
sent crashing to the ground
I turned over and I was in a box
The lid closed tight
“Let me out of here” 
I screamed over and over again
“Let me out of here”

The End
BAC 08/11/2009

Ok that is it completely train of thought...What came to mind about a being alone in Haunted Mansion....This was just a fun little story/Poem/Whatever that came to mind today......

But I would really love to spend a night in the Mansion
I would love to wander around and see all the behind the scenes.
To get pictures with the animatronics would be a dream
(As long as they aren't trying to kill me that is)
I would love to hang out in the Mansion for a night
I think the Ballroom would be the coolest place to spend the night after touring the whole place.....

Happy Anniversary Mansion! 

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