Saturday, June 11, 2011

A little Buzzed! (awhile back)

OK  that bring us to  A little Buzz.
I was going through  Disneyland withdrawals and that can be bad
I got my Disney fix and a Little Buzz from it in the process and  by Buzz  i mean Buzz Lightyear.    Hitting Disneyland with Danny and his wife Marie.   We hit  Holiday Mansion --Matterhorn.--Pirates--Astro Jets.  Holiday Small World  (Yes it isn't even Thanksgiving and yet Disney is all decked out for the Holidays).   Even squeezed in Indiana Jones as the park was closing -
But the highlight.   ( Aside from picking on Danny all night)     --and saying "Razz a ma Taz"  after every burn after his wife said  that expression.   For example  ---picking on Danny saying "What are you doing in Adventureland---when you are wearing  a Space Mountain  shirt------RAZZ A MA TAZ"   Good entertaining stuff.
Ok  i digress..  The Highlight was the 3 trips in a row on Buzz Lightyear --in which Danny got more and more Frustrated after losing to his wife all 3 times (he is very competitive and hates to lose).   Here is a little picture blog of that frustration.
Damn you Zurg!
"The Claw"  Little Green Men
The Look --After  trip one  as  Danny complains  that his gun didn't work.    And we mercilessly "Razz a Ma Tazz'ed him"
I interupt this Buzz story for   CHILD TO OLD to be WEARING  a FULL MICKEY MOUSE outfit when it isn't Halloween.  Just say no.
Danny decided that he needed his own vechicle so he could control it  (Must control it)
Getting Razz a Ma Tazzed after an unsuccessful trip number 2
Third time is a Charm   ---(Well maybe not)
"Hey Danny  Nice Star Trek shirt ---did you just lose again?"  "Razz a Ma Tazz"
A little Small World  ---After 3 times on  Buzz --we thought there should be guns on Small World ---but then I guess that would kinda  spoil the whole theme of the ride.   oh Well.

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