Thursday, June 16, 2011

Finally Found Nemo

Finally Found  Nemo  
After spending the last few weeks reading about everyone that either went to a cast member or Ap Passholder preview.  And attempting to go on one of the rumored soft open days.  I finally found Nemo.   I've been chomping at the bit all week to go and when I got off work an hour and a half early today decided  I couldn't wait any longer. 
The Subs reopening was a big deal to me since it is one of the rides I used to work on

After years of rumors of the subs returning.   First it was  --"they are coming back as a little mermaid ride"   --Then   "It's going to be Journey to Atlantis"    --Finally awhile back  Nemo came along and you just knew that they had to bring back the subs.   Here are pictures from the construction wall that told us all the subs would be coming back

Got home from work called an friend and said I'm leaving in  30 minutes if you want to go.  I couldn't wait though in case he wasn't into it so I just grabbed a book for the line and headed to the park.  (got a call that he had wanted to go when I got home –the disadvantage of no longer having a cell phone) .   
Here is a sign from a month ago

  Anyway  --hit the park and headed for the line –which of course stretched all the way to the motor boats---and was supposedly 2 hours (Yikes--- but I was prepared I had my book)  The line itself only was about  1 hr and 20 minutes (The famous Disney style  post 2hrs so you are happy when it was only an hour and 20 minutes)
Here are some views of the subs from the outside. 

 Notice the awesome Seagulls in the background  "Mine --mine -Mine"

The new extended  waterfall and cavern entrance
 Hey there is the other ride i used to work all decked out for the subs relaunch
The ride itself was much more exciting then the old submarine voyage which took you on an excursion through liquid space to view rubber fish on strings in a journey through a nature film .    The audio track was cool and   the visual effects were great especially near the end sequences  and the sub even has exit when your waiting and exiting the sub.
Here is the Sub getting ready to load-

The subs still look the same with the tiny seats for small assed people

A familiar start

The one thing I noticed though was that –where the old ride had big wide open scenes  (of fish on strings )  the new Submarine Voyage had much more limited vistas to view.  You passed a lot of rock walls up close and then would just get brief glimpses of the cool animated scenes.  The old ride would let you linger on the (fish on strings)  while the new subs seemed very aimed at the short attention spans of the modern world.   "Hey look there's Nemo"  now there is a wall again.   I did enjoy the mix of animatronics with the visual effects of the animated characters.  The eels were cool as was the nightmarish creatures of the deep.
Here are some more photos ---off to a good start with Animatronic Snorkeling Darla
"Roaming the coastal sea bottoms in search of food are the groupers or giant Sea Bass"

More pictures before we dove deep  (I mean went  under the waterfall)
Giant Clams

I feel like i'm back in Austraila and the Great Barrier Reef

Only got one ok picture inside the caverns --too dark for no flash
Dory looking for Chico ---or Guapo   or is it Nemo?

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