Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Great Tiki Presents--Tikis of Disneyland Part 1

I the Great Tiki Greet you all to this photo tour of 
"The Tikis of Disneyland"

Aloha --I was born in the late 80's in a little shop in Adventureland --now i return home to great my Tiki friends --Here are some in a place called the Tiki Room ---

This enchanted place is guarded by many powerful Tiki Gods

Let me point some out to you----Here is one!
Here is another one!

Here is i gotta take A Leaky Tiki!

Here are some relatives of mine

Hear them chant "Huna Maka -Una taki"

These tikis are jamming!

Hope you enjoyed this return to my roots ---Aloha!

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