Friday, June 3, 2011

Shopping Disney! "Oh I need that!" A Series #1

You can't always buy everything you see at the parks that you like.....I mean sure I could collect pins --but that could be expensive hobby and then the whole lanyard thing......NOT SO MUCH  
And there are things that you see that look cool but you probably wouldn't really wear  (Right you really wouldn't wear that?).......Well for every person that dons the goofy hat and strolls around the park never to wear the $20 hat ever again outside the park.....Because lets face it in the park it is funny  outside of the park is just sad.   (Says the guy that once started a Snuggie Cult because I thought it was funny to show pictures of a guy in a Snuggie all over town).....   One Solution to this problem is to take pictures of the things you like that you can't afford to buy ...Or shouldn't buy  (Because your wife thinks you are nerdy enough already without the Mickey Sorcerers hat)........So that is where this weekly blog comes in......Shopping Disney is all the stuff I thought was cool enough to take pictures of but maybe I shouldn't buy because I really don't need it.......

I collect Goofy and LOVE Star Wars........So this caught my eye Darth Goofy in his underpants

The Finding Nemo  hat a NOT SO MUCH wear outside of the parks but looks cool

Having once worked on the monorail  I may actually have to buy this Chocolate Bar at some point

I'm a sucker for anything Star Wars

I would get this but I didn't

I've almost bought this about 5 different times....I want it but I don't need it.....But I really want it....UGH

Cool! and little bit naughty

Definitely an E Ticket T-Shirt

Love the Attractions poster type shirts

Star Wars awesomeness


That does it for part 1 of Shopping Disney...........I'll have a lot more coming up

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