Saturday, June 4, 2011

Star Tours 2.0 Part 2 The Ride

Once inside our luck was still NOT SO MUCH.....We walked right through the parts that you want to see  and got stuck in the spots where nothing was going on.....I'm  really going to have to revisit the ride many times until I can soak in all the details.......The Starspeeder has a new color...

The Videos in the main room look fun and amazing.....

R2D2 is still struggling to get that speeder fixed

New Signage.....

REX makes an appearance

These aren't the Droids your looking for......

I've seen the full 15 minute version of the baggage droid online---and it was funny and really enjoyable....Because we got stopped in between the rooms we barely got to see it.  I also wanted to have more time to see the cool shadow play as well....Definitely next time

Time to put on those 3-D glasses

The Pre-boarding videos  were very entertaining....With droid jokes as it sets up the story of the ride

Safety instructions were updated but a homage to the original with the backhand smack from the Calmarian

The ride itself was totally fun and enjoyable....I loved the original Star Tours and could take on the Death Star and do the Trench run all day long......But i'm really excited about getting to have multiple different adventures....   We got Vader at the beginning....A thrilling Podrace  a message from Yoda which was really cool and then an underwater excursion to Naboo.......It was a totally blast... so much so that I accidently tossed my regular sunglassed into the recyle bin instead of the 3-D ones and then had to search the bin with another Star Wars fan wearing a Han Shot First T-shirt

I will be booking flights with Star Tours in the future

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